We are above all good friends with a common feeling: the love for our homeland.

Some know Bibione since birth, some others discovered it later; some left yet got back, some others came and remained.

Bibione is part of our life and the Lighthouse is the place where our thoughts can get loose, then gather in new ideas.

We believe in the value of memory, especially when we can hear it firsthand from the words of those who want to share their life stories with us. That’s why we are working together, and the whole path of Progetto LuMe, from research to the exhibition and to the digital archives, has evolved from our professional training.

We are made of stories

Annalia Boldrin

Author of Progetto LuMe 

I was born in 1989. At nineteen, I left Bibione for Milan, where I graduated in Interior Design at Politecnico University. Designing museum exhibitions has fascinated me since. I’ve always liked to visit exhibitions, letting myself be absorbed in the still of contemplation, dreaming that one day I will realise one of my own. My relationship with the lighthouse began in 2017, when I worked there as a guide. Two years later the idea of LuMe was born. I love to think it was the lighthouse itself to bring me back home.

Get in touch with me at a.boldrin@progettolume.it

Sara D’Annunzio

Author of Progetto LuMe

Born in Latisana in 1992, I live in Bibione. After my architectural degree at IUAV in Venice, I started working as a professional as well as a researcher at the university.
Drawing is the language I prefer: it translates imagination making it visible. Illustration and 3d drawing are the tools I used to show you the story of the lighthouse. First a dream, then a project, now LuMe has become real.

Get in touch with me at s.dannunzio@progettolume.it

Federico Pilli

Photographer – Videomaker

Born in 1992, I live in Cesano Maderno. I am a freelance photographer and videomaker. I started taking pictures at high school, turned professional in 2017. 
My professional skills are rounded off by the degree in Architecture I took at IUAV University in Venice. My contribution within the team of Progetto LuMe was to shoot and edit videos, pictures and interviews as well to develop the website.


Massimiliano Galasso

Historic – Researcher

I was born in 1981 in Latisana and I live in San Michele al Tagliamento.
Since 2004 I have been editor-in-chief of Il Timènt, a review by a study-group vocated on promoting the territory of the low course of the Tagliamento river. Some of my researches about contemporary local history, specifically military events of the past century, have been published.
I collaborate with majorities, schools and local associations on developing projects for the promotion of the territory and its history.
Get in touch with me at macigalasso@virgilio.it